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NZ Colloidal Silver & Gold

Smallest trace elements, amazing by any measure!

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Our Colloidal Silver Products

Colloidal Silver

Help your immune system-effectively and naturally

We know that feeling well & enjoying good health is our greatest value in life. No matter if your immune defences need assistance occasionally or if you have a need for ongoing natural health support our Colloidal Silver products offer a natural, yet effective way to do justhat. More information: Click here

Colloidal Gold

Nutritional support for your physical, mental & emotional well being

A natural dietary mineral supplement, containing only ultra-purified, energised ‘living’ water and pure elemental gold the smallest particle size (nano particulates) possible. We use 0.9999 pure, medical grade 24 carat gold. This is a true colloidal product with no ionic content. ‘Colloidal’ means that this amazing trace element is offered in a highly absorbent form, as Nature intended. This product contains no other ingredients such as stabilisers or preservatives. More information: Click here

Our Colloidal Gold Products

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