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Cherrie T.   Verified buyer     ★★★★★   Colloidal Silver Cream

Great product that I believe was a big part in healing my hands and forearms from an awful skin condition. Fast and personalised service, excellent people to deal with. Many Thanks for making excellent natural products that work.

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NZ Colloidal Silver & Gold

Smallest trace elements, amazing by any measure!

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Our Colloidal Silver Products

Colloidal Silver

Help your immune system-effectively and naturally

We know that feeling well & enjoying good health is our greatest value in life. No matter if your immune defences need assistance occasionally or if you have a need for ongoing natural health support our Colloidal Silver products offer a natural, yet effective way to do justhat. More information: Click here

Colloidal Gold

Nutritional support for your physical, mental & emotional well being

A natural dietary mineral supplement, containing only ultra-purified, energised ‘living’ water and pure elemental gold the smallest particle size (nano particulates) possible. We use 0.9999 pure, medical grade 24 carat gold. This is a true colloidal product with no ionic content. ‘Colloidal’ means that this amazing trace element is offered in a highly absorbent form, as Nature intended. This product contains no other ingredients such as stabilisers or preservatives. More information: Click here

Our Colloidal Gold Products

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