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Introducing Another Valuable Trace Element Now Available In Colloidal Form: Gold


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No matter if we discover the use of gold for health purposes 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt or by the alchemists of Alexandriaand medieval Europe, by Paracelsus, or the famous twentieth-century medical clairvoyant Edgar Cayce (Ref.9) - no matter if we look at gold’s role

in Chinese and Ayurveda medicine; follow colloidal gold’s early use during the nineteenth century right through to today’s high tech scientific applications: It seems like humanity has always been fascinated by the medicinal andhealing properties of gold! 

Today, various research studies have found enough evidence to support colloidal gold’s long history of use. As a result, this trace element has gained widespread interest in medical and nutritional research (Ref.1) his article is looking at the applications of colloidal gold as a dietary supplement in a highly absorbable, completely non-toxic form. Why supplementation? Because this trace element has, like others, mostly vanished from our soils and foods.

Studies with colloidal gold are finding out about gold's role for our nervous- and immune system, especially in the brain and joints; it appears that this trace element can support the electrical functioning of the body and serve the regeneration of normal electrical activity in areas of imbalance.

Colloidal Gold has been reported to:

Assist people with uncomfortable, stiff joints, decreased range of movement & restless legs 

• Positively affect concentration, IQ, mental acuity, memory & focus needed during studies, at school or at work

• Supports and nourishes the endocrine system

• Positively affect hand-eye coordination, visual acuity, sports performance, reflexes & motor skills

• Support people affected by emotional stress, anxiousness & mood fluctuations

• Support a sense of calm & emotional well-being

• Naturally, Increase energy levels

• Nutritionally assist the management of cravings to reduce the need for caffeine, alcohol, narcotics, and sugar.

• Assist digestive function

Some FQA on Colloidal Gold

Yes, it's a trace mineral supplement that is not known or reported to interfere or interact with medications. Since gold is what is referred to a 'noble metal', it does not readily combine with other substances to form compounds; for this reason, there is no known interaction with medications or other supplements such as herbs.

Yes. As a general rule, a dosage between 5 – 10 ml dosages has shown to be effective.

No, it is considered a noble metal and is non-toxic. Gold is known to be the most inert element on the periodic table; this means it is not known to react with other compounds or substances

No. it belongs to the group of 'noble metals’. The noble metals are gold, silver, and the platinum group of six metals (iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and ruthenium). When used as a dietary colloidal supplement, Colloidal Gold does not cause heavy metal poisoning.

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