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Eco bubble wrap 

Enviro bubble wrap 

Your Items are packed using:
100% Recyclable Bubble Wrap 
Enviro-Bubble Wrap

Enviro-Bubble is the world's first totally degradable bubble wrap. It has been designed to break down quickly in landfill without leaving any harmful residues.

The manufacture of Enviro-Bubble

The factories that manufacture Enviro-Bubble are also fully equipped to recycle their own waste and in doing so minimize what they have to dump. The material that they recycle is generally used to produce the Eco Bubble range.

More environmentally friendly 
Suits well all devices and screen sizes

Enviro-degradable bubble wrap is a more environmentally friendly form of cushion packaging.

This bubble wrap is treated with raw materials which do not contain heavy metals.

When the bubble film is exposed to the combined effects of sunlight, stress, microbes and heat the end result is a product which is digested harmlessly by micro organisms and turned into the basic elements of carbon dioxide, water and biomass.

Don't forget

Please don't forget to recycle or reuse, we have taken the first steps, now it is up to you.