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Origin Health Ltd


 Our Silver Facts

Our Colloidal Silver 

Lab tests and information on our Colloidal Silver 

Job test numbers

Cultures were maintained in
accordance with the recommendations of the Curator of the Culture Collections Centre NZ, Communicable Disease Centre of New Zealand and Laboratory Services quality control systems.
Test Organism Number: 09N25814 Job Number: 09NR011616 Dated: 15 April 2008

Recovery times
1 minute -4 minutes -8 minutes -12 minutes 

The following organisms used in the test: 

Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC - 6538)
Escherichia coli (ATCC - 8739)
Candida albicans (ATCC - 10231)
ATCC Recovery Level (cfu!l nl) 

Lab Report by Origin Health On Colloidal Silver
The outcome of tests: 

On all tested Organisms listed above, there was a full kill rate within 4 minutes with no signs of re-growth within 12 minutes with Bio-Colloidal Silver from Origin Health Ltd  



The water we use for our range is of laboratory purity, about 0.0 – 0.1 micro-semens, the purity of 3x distilled water but instead of being completely robbed of oxygen, our water is actuall oxygen enhanced. The purity is important if you want to have the best silver there is - and this is not to speak of its energetic, coherent molecular structure .

We believe there are some high quality generators available, but why bother and have a big expense (not to speak of the right additional water purifying / energising equipment when you can obtain the best possible quality silver for a very very affordable price for hassle free, peace-of-mind use??


1. This is a transmission electron microscope photo of CS poorly made samples of home made colloidal silver, (this would cause Argyria) photos were made at 100,000 power magnification.

2. This is a transmission electron microscope photo of our CS.The typical particle size is in the range of .001 to .005 um (Micrometer) that converts to 1 - 5 Nanometer in size. Magnification is 100,000 times. Notice the uniformity of particle shapes. Also note the particles are separate rather than agglomerated. There are basically 2 different sizes. shown. This is very high quality ionic colloidal silver.