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Is Colloidal Silver a safe product? It seems, that for some reason an effort has been made to blur the distinction between people who are ingesting properly manufactured, electrically generated CSand those few people who took excessive amounts of other forms of silver

The Facts On Colloidal Silver


Colloidal silver nitrate/chlorides/salts that have been known to cause argyria in the past. Yet it is exactly these other forms of silver taken at extremely high doses that were involved with the few cases of this very unsightly (yet harmless) skin discoloration.

> Many studies prove that Colloidal Silver is harmless
> No cases of argyria were caused by Colloidal Silver
> The facts about reported cases of argyria in the media (not caused by Colloidal Silver)
> Colloidal Silver is a safe product
Is a colloidal silver really the cause of argyria*?
If taking colloidal silver ‘causes’ argyria, as some critics claim, where are all of the victims, considering millions of users of colloidal silver worldwide?
Even though unsightly, this condition is not associated with adverse health effects and, most importantly, has never been associated with the proper use of modern, high quality, properly manufactured ionic colloidal silver.

All of the few identified cases of argyria involved other forms of silver such as silver nitrates/chlorides /salts that were taken at extremely high doses for prolonged times. 

Ref.12) Report on registered cases of argyria:

Our advice:
Common sense should always be followed when taking anything! Using extremely high concentrations or large amounts of Colloidal Silver for long periods of time is not sensible, necessary nor recommended!
*Argyria is a cosmetic skin condition, where silver is deposited in the dermal layer and makes the skin appear greyish when exposed to sunlight.
In 1999 a request was sent to the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) asking to provide the following information Ref.14): 
1   The number of deaths due to the consumption of Colloidal Silver 
2   The number of adverse drug interactions involving Colloidal Silver
3   The number of allergic reactions due to ingesting Colloidal Silver
4   The number of reported cases of argyria due to electrically generated Colloidal Silver
5   The number of reported cases of argyria due to Colloidal Silver manufactured without stabilisers
The answer:
“In response to your request of 14/10/99, in which you requested the side effects due to the use of colloidal silver [….] we searched for the information in the ‘Side Effects Database’ and we have found no cases that correspond to your request.”
Many studies show that Colloidal Silver is harmless
Many scientific studies confirm the safety of Colloidal Silver Click here